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Competitive Advantage

Sumitomo Electric has invested heavily over the years in research and development to expand and establish new businesses. These efforts have allowed us to create new products and new technologies, as well as diversify our business fields. Sumitomo Electric continuously leads in innovation that translates to products that add value for a digital future.

  • III-V Semiconductor Expertise
    • GaAs, InP, GaN Epitaxy
    • High-Performance Device Design & Fabrication
      • GaN power amplifiers
      • InP optoelectronic devices
    • Advanced material processing technologies & know how
Compaund Semiconductor
  • IP Portfolio
    • EPI growth, device structures
    • GaN: High power, world class drain efficiency, extremely wide bandwidth, high gain, high reliability
    • InP heritage: >30 years of epitaxial growth and device fabrication
IP Portfolio
  • Innovative Manufacturing
    • Monolithic integration enabling high-performance, multifunction devices
    • High yield, uniform device processing
    • High precision, high-density packaging technologies
Innovative Manufacturing
  • Quality and Reliability
    • Design for reliability
    • World-class analytical tools for process & device characterization
    • 100 percent testing of devices to ensure quality assurance
100% Tested Devices