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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sumitomo Business Spirit, which gives top priority to social credibility and corporate ethics, is deeply instilled into the Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) Group. The Sumitomo Business Spirit, as well as the SEI Group Corporate Principles, serves as the basic value standards that guide us. We feel that the SEI Group's Corporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) basic policy is to contribute to society through business operations in line with this Spirit and these Principles.
Moreover, we have established our five CSR priority categories, which are indispensable in conducting business operations:
  • compliance
  • environment, procurement and logistics,
  • safety, quality and customer satisfaction improvement
  • employees, human rights and social contribution
  • information disclosure
Based on this approach, we will continue sustained growth with the aim of becoming a Glorious Excellent Company, i.e., realizing the ideal state of the SEI Group, so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
SEI's Code of Conduct states the Company's expectations that its employees conduct business in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit and high ethical standards. We are committed to integrity and ethical business practices as we conduct business worldwide.